Walmart — Digital Solutions


Product Design


Unfortunately, due to privacy reasons, I can’t show the bulk of my work that I did at Walmart, so for now, you’ll just have to trust that I actually did quite a lot during the year I worked at Few. I was a product designer on the Few + Local Theory team, primarily focused on digital shelf label design solutions that assist shoppers in making informed purchasing decisions. Here are some brief notes about the work I did during this time —

digital shelf labels at Walmart in the beauty aisle
Digital shelf labels in their early days

Internal Jobs

  • Implemented a UX sprint process that was helpful in getting the project up and running smoothly between multidisciplinary teams.
  • Crafted a design system from scratch to support team in the need for scale, efficiency, and consistency in our designs.
  • Introduced Third Party Guidelines that encourages other companies design teams to design for digital shelves in a meaningful, seamless fashion.
  • Created Few's first UX interview and research process documents. These were used throughout the Walmart sprints and helped diagnose dimensions of our problems, help set priorities for future research, and provided an orientation on a topic in which managers have little experience.


  • Successfully built data-driven digital shelf label solutions that helped shoppers in the store engage more with products while taking less time at the shelves. Success was measured through data insights and user research. This was public facing so I can show you some designs!

digital shelf label design for heated cooking
Educational content was placed under products and helps customers quickly find the value in each one.

digital shelf label design for lego
Some designs were experimental to encourage omni-channel engagement.